Sunday, 11 March 2012

School in the country.

School in the country.

Moving from St. John's primary school in Weymouth to Long Bredy school was a big change.  From one large class of about 30 children all in the same grade, to one class of about 20 kids from the age of 6 to 11. What a difference.

We even did country dancing and ringing hand bells as part of our weekly routine. Different, but certainly fun.

The school lunch was cooked at the school, and us larger boys took turns to go and collect water for the cook from a spring at the bottom of the lane where it met the village road. What a surprise.

I was only there for the end of the school year as I had taken the 11+ exam before leaving Weymouth. As I passed, next year saw me on the bus each day to Bridport Grammar. Another adventure on the road to adulthood.

If you have a photo of the school, please post it here.


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