Friday, 8 October 2010

Leaving Weymouth for Kingston Russel Farm

Well it was time to move. My parents decided that they had lived too long with Grandad Martin and needed their independence, so we were going to leave the seaside for the country. So off we went, all the family together to look at country cottages.

Winterborne Abas was the first village we visited but there was not much garden. The loo was a shed at the end of the garden too.
Eventually we found paradise on Kingston Russel farm. About half a mile from the main Dorchester to Bridport road and one of a pair of two story cottages. Ours was the left hand one of the pair as you look at it from the front and had about half an acre of land. Just what Dad and Mum (I hope) wanted.
It was a sort of dream land. Woods and fields for a young lad to explore, and a big dairy farm with friendly staff.

Just before we moved I had sat my 11+ exam at St. John's School in Weymouth, and while waiting for results went to the village school in LongBredy. An interesting little place with one classroom, one teacher, and perhaps twenty or less children all together. We had fun learning all sort of things in addition to the 3 Rs. I learned to make model aircraft with the teacher after school, and as the crow flies it was only about 2 miles over the hill to get home. So I got the habit of going on foot when I was ready.

The other rather surprising thing I found  as a new boy from Weymouth (about ten miles away) was that there were a number of words and expressions in the local country dialect that I did not understand at first. Apart from that, country dancing and playing on hand bells were a couple of new experiences.

Well I will see if  I can find any old photos that fit this topic. Be in touch later.

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